So much younger then…

show-poster-july2005We recently unearthed this video of us playing ‘Weekends Away’ at Chop Suey in Seattle in 2005. The show was a CD release for our second EP, and we played second after Tullycraft (a mistake we made only once…an impossible act to follow!). The fabulous Salteens drove down from Vancouver, B.C. to headline. Love seeing the familiar faces in the crowd again from those early days.

It also reminded me of the awesome poster that Cori from Tullycraft designed for that show. Still one of my favorites…

5 thoughts on “So much younger then…

  1. felipe Perez

    Im from Uruguay, some day around 2008 scouting grooveshark for new music i fund u guys. and I haven’t stopped listening to youn since then. thank u for the great happy tunes. Also thank you for the sad tunes hidden in happy melodys,

  2. Rasmus

    You should come to Indietracks next year, and you should bring Tullycraft! I’ve been listening to you since 2005, but have never seen you play. Would be a nice way to celebrate 10 years together 😉

  3. mapc Post author

    Hi Rasmus! We’d love to play Indietracks again. We’ve even talked about returning to Europe next year, but not sure we can make it happen. Hopefully we will at some point… Thanks for sticking with us all these years!

  4. timothy

    You three bands together still ranks as the best single show I’ve ever been to. Damn that was a fine evening.

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