Shadows Longer

We’re thrilled to be part of yet another ace compilation from Matinee Recordings called Matinee Idols. Our contribution is a previously unreleased song called ‘Shadows Longer’ that we recorded a couple years ago at the same time as ‘Coastal California 1985.’ And of course the compilation also includes a truck load of great pop songs from our esteemed labelmates. You can listen to Shadows Longer on Soundcloud below, and pick up a copy of Matinee Idols from the Matinee shop!

2 thoughts on “Shadows Longer

  1. Paul Kindred

    Hi there, greetings from sunny Wales!

    Are you aware of the superb weekly radio show “It’s A Jangle Out There” on 94.9 Main FM in Castlemaine Australia, hosted by Josh Meadows? I’m a regular listener (although I live in the UK) my ears picked up when Josh played “Shadows Longer” a few weeks ago as it bears a real resemblance to a song called “Those Eyes” by my old band The Cloud Minders, which was recorded in 2000 (and which has also featured on “It’s A Jangle Out There” before now). Anyway, that’s fine – they’re both great songs!

    Last Thursday Josh played them back to back just for the fun of it – I have a recording of that segment of the show if you’re interested. The track listing from that show can be seen here:

    Our song “Those Eyes” is freely available here, by the way:

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best!


    Paul Kindred.

  2. mapc Post author

    Hey Paul, great song, thanks for sharing! I’m guessing we’d have a lot of shared musical influences to discuss over a cuppa! I’ll have to check out Josh’s show, especially since The Steinbecks are our labelmates on Matinee here in the States. Thanks for the tip. Also love the Star Trek reference! Cheers, Charles

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